Welcome to pool.garlicsoup.xyz!
22.47 MH/s
6 miners

How to mine Garlicoin?

Pandawan wrote a really awesome guide to get started with Windows Nvidia, Windows AMD, Linux GPU or CPU mining.

Note: follow the "Pool Mining"-sections of those guides to be able to mine with us.

Can you help me set up my miner towards pool.garlicsoup.xyz?

Of course! We have a superb support team at our official discord found here. Just head over to our #support channel and fire away!

What is your fee?

We have a 1% fee. BUT all 100% of the collected fees are being donated to charity below.

Ok, so what charity cause am I helping by mining here?

We want to help stop human trafficking, especially children who are being sexually abused. We are aware that no cause are accepting GRLC (yet!) and we also have no clue if this thing will ever be worth anything. If no charity accepts GRLC the plan is to exchange it to BTC/ETH/LTC and donate that. The fee is collected at GPAS6nESb4heRYohGZ2mrfSVCsk9dKRyvB

What is Garlicoin?

Learn the basics by reading these awesome articles by Pandawan

Why pool.garlicsoup.xyz?

The pool is running on a 48 core, 168 GB RAM server with SSL, DDoS protection and 1% charity fee.